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xXx Racing Relay Cross

Lincoln Park Pro/Cat 1/2/3 Criterium

Last updated: 04/30/2018 at 12:34 AM

Place Name Team In Omnium
1 Jarret Oldham First Internet Bank Cycling
2 Jake Buescher xXx Racing - Athletico X
3 Tyler George xXx Racing - Athletico X
4 Jadon Jaeger Intelligentsia-Allied
5 Ryan O'Boyle Project Echelon Racing X
6 Michael Lanyon Burnham Racing X
7 Daniel Breuer xXx Racing - Athletico X
8 thomas kehrer Bonkers Cycling X
9 Patrick Jungenblut Team Velocause X
10 Thomas Torbik ABD Cycling Club X
11 Geoffrey Albert INTENT X
12 Tim Strelecki Franco Factory Racing p/b Brightleaf Homes
13 Tom Driver Burnham Racing X
14 Aaron Baker xXx Racing - Athletico X
15 Aaron Katin Burnham Racing X
16 IGOR SHVYTOV xXx Racing - Athletico X
17 Chris Wiatr Bicyle Heaven
18 Michael Baldus
19 Chris Young xXx Racing - Athletico X
20 Timothy Doelman The Weather Channel
21 Jared Verbeke xXx Racing - Athletico
22 Howard Smith The Pony Shop
23 Jose Rodriguez INTENT X
24 Freddy Bernabe Team Paws
DNF Sean Metz xXx Racing - Athletico X
DNF John Dapkus
DNF Shane Feehery Team Bicycle Heaven
DNS Daniel Burkhardt ABD Cycling Club
DNS Michael Heagney Intelligentsia-Allied
DNS Ean Pugh
DNS Hayden Warner SLF Motion
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