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Masters 35+ Relay Results

Last updated: 08/27/2017 at 10:35 AM

Place Team Racer 1 Racer 2
1 DirtyAF Todd Wendell Tim Strelecki
2 Pony express Greg Campbell Lou Kuhn
3 Reserved Jason Knauff Tom Driver
4 Mox Little Pony Jeff Holland PJ Cavato
5 SRAM vets JP McCarthy Scott McLaughlin
6 LBP Jim Nowak Ben Demong
7 Nottingham Nailers Steve Bell Andre Odendaal
8 We ride for snacks! Peter Chrapkowski Steven Parkes
9 Velosmith Channel Tony Bustamante Pete Rolewiscz
10 J&J Fish & Chicken & Braap Joshua Barney Joe Doyle
11 If you don't have a team name, leave this blank. Ed Bagley Mike Beede
12 Darcy Cycling Team 1 Adam Matson Sean Metz
13 Old and in the Way John Bucksbaum Walid Abu Ghazaleh
14 Bruhs Alfred Bryant Craig Bryant
15 Sloths Jim Brady Mike Kerr
16 Precious Blood Sean Costin Nick Praznowski
17 Team FastSlow Kevin Richardson Barry Batson
18 #critrefugees Matthew Grosspietsch Achim Rees
19 Two Old Men and Their Bikes Thomas Kramer Jeff Biedka
20 San Juan Island Dreamin' Kevin Mallory John Mitchell
21 Thunder Buddies Seth Gable Jon Skaggs
22 Old Dogs Andrew Stover Chris Travis
23 Team LA george lambros dave adams
24 The Humbolt Park Hustlers Justice Leppanen Christopher Berthold
25 Villainous CX Dwayne Richmond Patrick Jenkins
26 Killer Bs powered by UPB Cycling Brett OBourke Bryan Connelly
27 may the force CX-1 be with you Terry McIntyre Edward Reed
28 Ed and the Dutczaks Edward Dutczak Brian Boyle
29 Beer Ryan Durrie Eric Stuck
30 The Battalion Isaac Lund Larry Gelwix
31 Region Racing Gregg Foster steve Gabrys
32 Region Racing Baisa's Richard Baisa Robert Baisa
33 Two Former Brits Chris Mailing Julian Coupland
34 Chicago Clydes Jon Mejdrich William McDade
35 region racing team kate michael lavery dereck augustynowicz
DNS Team HACattack Paul-Brian McInerney Carl Valentin
DNF Dom & Steel Dominic Casey Steel Bokhof
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