A first? Not a placing, mind you, just the first race report of 2009.

For those of us not at camp, we can only try and get as much fitness to keep up with the SLO folks. Last weekend, horrendous rain- still got some miles on saturday, best I could hope for considering the conditions. Weather was nearly perfect this weekend, AND the first race opportunity of the year. Finally. So, again, the goal is to boost fitness as much as possible. Results? Not important. So ride 70 miles on saturday, take advantage of the weather, moderate pace, some hard work (thanks to Kyle and Matt Moran)and race Sunday.


So with some fatigue in the legs from Saturday, the goal was to get some speed in with a few efforts, force some recovery for the later race. With Andrew Crater in the field with a teammate, you knew a move would come. So when his teammate established a break of 3, I figured I'd make an attempt to bridge. But nobody came with, and after a lap and a half, and getting within about 10 seconds, I sat up- and lo and behold, as soon as I do, the bridge from the pack came. Right by me. Oh well, so I sat in for the remainder, sat out the argie-bargie in the field sprint, and was content with the race.


Goal- not get dropped, finish the race, assess condition. Legs were certainly a little rubbery. But this time no break stuck. I rode off the front once or twice, recovered, and watched the sprint as I soft-pedalled in. Never in any deep trouble, so mission accomplished. Whether or not it helps me keep up with SLO folks- I can only hope.

Very strange to be at a race with no teammates. Strange and not too much fun.

The new Kenosha course is a business park, smooth, 1 minor false flat, two 90 degree turns, two rolling turns. Plenty wide. (Very boring, if, like me, you dislike crits, especially business park ones.) But a great opportunity to get some early season racing (preparation) in. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.