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I'm brand new to cycling having just bought my first road bike in June 2017. Since graduating from college in 2011 I quickly learned that I needed to prioritze my body and health as I work a desk job that has me sitting for 9+ hours a day. I started by incorporating HIIT sessions on the treadmill into my training plan and also threw some Insanity videos.

Fast forward to 2017, where I had been doing the same type of workout for 3+ years. I wasn't being challenged, and I wasn't seeing any improvement in my fitness, either. I got engaged in Italy in April and when I returned home to Chicago it was nearly impossible for me to get back into my normal exercise routine.

I remember seeing a stationary bike in the workout room in my apartment and began to think about buying one of those Peloton bikes, until a coworker suggested I spend $1000 less and buy an actual bike. That one suggestion changed everything.

Since buying my bike, any day that I'm able to ride is a good day. I started by doing the Lakefront trail in the mornings before work and slowly saw my average pace and distance improve. After a month or two I started to get a little lonely out there and wanted to find a group I could ride with on the weekends. One quick Google search later and I found the xXx Racing site. I've done a few of the group rides and have had an awesome time. I'm not sure if I want to race, but I'm beginning to get stronger and am really excited to join a group of experienced cyclists and see my own riding advance to the next level!

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