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Dean Abt

Member Since: 2018

Location: Rogers Park, Chicago



I'm a NorCal expat, landing at my fiance's house in Roger's Park mid-December '17.  A bit obsessed with road racing as a fan and the past 6 years as a masters racer (I raced when I was younger, but that was a really long time ago).  The past two summers I've greatly enjoyed a handful of starts at the Intelligencia Cup series and typically target Masters Crit nationals for my A event.  

Many members were nice enough to have me along on the club ride and kindly introduced me to the Chicagoland racing scene soon after my arrival this Winter  - and I'm happy to have the chance to join the xXx ranks.  I enjoy volunteering when I can.  During the '17 season I was a board-member for the Northern California Cycling Association (NCNCA - NorCal's equivalent of the ICA).  

Looking forward to meeting the team, lots of starts and hopefully trying out a new discipline (for me) - track!

 - Dean


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