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Matt Talbert

Member Since: 2014

Location: Park Ridge, IL


My bike racing career started at an incredibly young age. Don’t let that fool you; we were just a bunch of kids with subpar bikes from SportMart racing each other around the cul-de-sac. Back then there were only two categories: training wheels and no training wheels. The leap to real bike racing was incredibly long, but my cycling certainly continued in that period of time. I continued to ride a cheapo 26er bike for many years, even after the driver’s license age of 16 and through my time in college.

After college I moved to the city and used my bike as my main line of transportation. I found it to be the best way to get around the city. No gas to purchase, no parking to fight for and no traffic to stand in. Oh, and the whole burning calories thing helps too. Additionally, I would often ride on the lake front path for the lake breeze and city views. I eventually realized I could push my beastly 26er pretty fast.

I made an incremental jump from my mountain bike to a hybrid on my entry level salary post grad school. I continued to use my bike as my first line of transportation and preferred commuting choice, in addition to riding much more. I found myself becoming a more environmentally friendly person, in addition to becoming an advocate for bike lanes and car-free transportation. I continued to love life without the gas pump and car payments. Furthermore, I found I was a little faster on my newer bike, and even kept up with some of the speed demons on road bikes... emphasis on the word “some.” Regardless, I felt with the right bike and training, I could keep up with them. So I took the plunge and got myself a road bike. I didn’t take the leap to racing right away because I just didn’t think I was fast enough yet. As I started road biking, I always saw those xXx riders out and about. I would feel it an accomplishment to be proud of if I was able to keep up with them. Now I am part of those speed demons...some of them at least. Nevertheless, I still find it is surreal to be a part the group I admired to chase.

Race Reports

Just go out and have fun
Prairie State Chicago Criterium: Jul 26, 2014

The Double Dash Alliance
Glencoe Grand Prix: May 31, 2015

Daenerys, Set Me Free
Skyway Classic: Apr 05, 2016


Road 4

Race Results

 Date Cat Race Result
 May 28, 2018 4 Memorial Day Masters 30+ Cat 4
 May 7, 2016 4/5 Monsters of the Midway 31-40 
 May 7, 2016 4 Monsters of the Midway 21-30 
 May 7, 2016 4 Monsters of the Midway 21-30 
 May 7, 2016 4 Monsters of the Midway 21-30 
 Apr 30, 2016 4/5 Lincoln Park Criterium 21-30 
 Apr 30, 2016 4/5 Lincoln Park Criterium 16 
 Apr 23, 2016 4/5 Whitnall Park Spring Classic 21-30 
 Apr 5, 2016 4/5 Skyway Classic 11 
 Aug 17, 2015 4/5 Gift from the Heart Grand Prix 19 
 Aug 10, 2015 4/5 Villa Park Grand Prix 21-30 
 Jul 27, 2015 4 Chicago Prairie State Criterium 50+ 
 Jul 25, 2015 4 Elmhurst Criterium 31-40 
 Jul 19, 2015 4 South Chicago Prairie State Crit 41-50 
 May 31, 2015 5 Glencoe Grand Prix 10 
 May 31, 2015 4/5 Glencoe Grand Prix 21-30 
 May 16, 2015 5 Elgin Cycling Classic 5A
 May 16, 2015 5 Elgin Cycling Classic 5B
 May 10, 2015 5 Monsters of the Midway 21-30 
 Apr 4, 2015 5 Lincoln Park Criterium 41-50 
 Aug 10, 2014 5 Villa Park Grand Prix 17 
 Jul 26, 2014 5 Prairie State Chicago Crit 31-40 
 May 31, 2014 5 Glencoe Grand Prix 41-50 
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