XXX Racing-Athletico

Women's Development Program

xXx Racing-Athletico is widely recognized as sponsoring one of the region’s largest and most accomplished women’s development teams. We welcome women from all cycling backgrounds, whether brand new to cycling or experienced racers! The women of xXx Racing-Athletico ...

  • WIN RACES. In race season 2015, we competed in hundreds of races from all disciplines (road, criterium, track, mountain, cyclocross, time trial) and delivered with dozens of podium finishes and numerous state championship jerseys!
  • SUPPORT THE SPORT. We participate in advocacy for women’s riding and racing. Through outreach to other teams, team managers, shop owners, ABR and USCF officials, bicycling advocacy groups and sponsors, xXx women are active and visible supporters of efforts to boost participation of women in the sport.
  • SUSTAIN THE TEAM As a volunteer-run organization, xXx Racing-Athletico depends on its members to operate. The women of the team serve in critical management capacities, which help to sustain the team's general efforts.
  • RIDE AND HAVE FUN TOGETHER! From women's camp, to group rides, to skills clinics, to social events, to volunteering...we do a lot more than just race our bikes and have a blast doing it!

2016 Goals

  1. Introduce the sport of competitive cycling to women and focus on team tactics to build the skills and camaraderie to succeed as a team
  2. Provide coaching, training opportunities and support that will encourage women to develop their fitness and racing skills
  3. Work with other area teams to promote women-focused skills clinics and informational seminars
  4. Support women as their skill level increases from beginner to advanced categories
  5. Compete in 200 races from all disciplines and earn a podium finish 30% of the time

Training Opportunities

Women members of xXx Racing-Athletico can participate in team member events and camps, general meetings, and women’s specific training events. We also provide information through the team's email listserv and Facebook group to which all women can subscribe. For more information on the complete women’s program and/or scheduled events, please contact [email protected].

Contact Us
XXX Racing-Athletico | PO Box 57385 | Chicago, IL 60657