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With a 20 year history, xXx Racing is Chicago’s premier development-focused amateur cycling team and we’re glad you’ve found us! Founded by bike messengers in 1999, xXx Racing is a 501c(3) organization that actively promotes bike riding and racing in Chicagoland through its many races, practices, and weekly team ride.

Although we are a racing team, our primary focus is on providing an environment for budding cyclists of all abilities to develop within the sport. Interested in developing riding skills and getting stronger? Our Saturday morning team ride, which has been running continuously for 15+ years, is a great way to start. Thinking about racing? Check out our LaBagh Practice Crits, where we host regular low-pressure practice races to help cyclists acclimate to riding in a pack environment. Do you want to become a part of a large, dynamic, and welcoming group of cyclists of all abilities? Come to a monthly team meeting or check out how to join our team.

Team Ride Departure

7:00 am

from Wicker Park

7:30 from Pratt & Ridge

All cyclists are welcome on our Saturday morning team rides, but please first read about our route and expectations.



xXx Junior Recruitment Night

Oct 17

On October 28th xXx Racing - Athletico will be holding a Junior Recruitment night at Diversey River Bowl. Our coach Sonia Maziarz will be discussing her plans for the new year and looking for feedback on what support our Juniors and their Families need from xXx.

Recent Upgrades

Dinar Arreola- Santiago

5 to 4, Cyclocross

Kevin Klein

5 to 4, Road

Kevin Klein

5 to 4, Cyclocross

Gaylord Otte

4 to 3, Road

Andrew Wise

5 to 4, Road


Don't get ran over on GRASS...

by Dinar Arreola- Santiago

Oct 12

Schiller woods amazing new CCC course created by the lovely team. Started the morning with the Junior 15-18 race the ¨only race i would do¨ right SIKE no.. i did 3 ha.. During the jr Race i felt really good during the first lap but during the second lap i literally died unfortunately, i fell twice. they mixed single speed men with the jrś when i fell a single speed guy literally wanted to bunny hop over me instead of going around me? putting me in danger! which me losing my power and strength and not feeling safe and or comfortable during the race i made the decision to pull out which made me really sad and angry because i'm the type of girl to continue with or without pain no matter how tired or slow i am i will continue racing and finishing strong, i quickly gathered myself and literally registered myself for womens 4/5. feeling a little more positive than before! The race started i heard more cheering than ever during the race i felt welcomed and encouraged and honestly enjoyed myself a lot during the race it was so much fun. finishing the race strong and a lot of people came up to me asking how my race went, how I felt after and if i would continue racing cross! i probably had conversations with friends for hours It was really fun. hours later mens cat 5 started Fern jumped into the race with a mountain bike beating all the cat 5 men it was so funny that me, sonia and kyle jumped in making it my third race of the day the handups during this race was FUNNY, so many hang ups that i even took some i didn't even eat them i just put them in my mouth but when going up this hill i was so tired that i wanted to run it but while dismounting my bibs got stuck on the saddle making me fall on the grass which also made me spit the twizzlers all out nice leaving a little reward on the grass!!!!! after that moment i just kept laughing and laughing. It was so funny while doing barriers this cat 555555555 dudeee tried keeping up with me to tell me ¨i'm trying to beat you omg¨ which than i said ¨i'm doing bandit laps this isn't even my race LOL¨that laugh he had was hilarious but that was my race day super fun day thanks for reading capybara OUT.

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