Our team members who are men and race in the USA Cycling Category 3, 4, and Novice race categories are all part of the Men's Development Program (MDP), which exists to promote teamwork, skills, and camaraderie for those athletes. The MDP provides its members with opportunities to improve as racers with clinics, seminars, and advice from the individual members who are committed to the success of their teammates. We believe that the Men's Development Program is unique amongst Chicago area teams in its breadth and access to elite racers and coaching, and that it will provide you with a distinct competitive advantage.

The benefits of MDP include:

  • Focused on-bike clinics and coaching, participation and mentoring from over 20 Cat 1/2 team members on topics like:
    • Sprinting and pack riding
    • Spring criterium clinic and practice criteriums
    • Team and individual race tactics/strategy
    • On and off-season training
    • Race-day preparation
    • Cyclocross skills clinic
    • Cyclocross practices
  • Access to top level coaching from our team coaches on everything from strength training to nutrition
  • MDP group rides with group skills and drills
  • Vast cycling library full of books on training, nutrition and race strategy.
  • Team training camp in San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Pre-race strategy and information and race day team tactics meetings
  • Recognition programs – MDP’s “Guy of the Month” and “Guy of the Year” are recognized for such achievements as exceptional racing, team support, fitness improvements, etc.

The 2021 MDP captains are Tim Pigula, Dean Abt, and Mike Kirby. They can be reached at mdp@xxxracing.org.

For more information on joining the team, see the "How to Join" page.

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Updated January, 2021
K. O'Neill