XXX Racing-Athletico's Doughnut Development Program

In 2019 we launched what we playfully refer to as our Donut Development Program (DDP). The DDP rides and events will focus on riding bikes for fun as opposed to for competition. The Doughnut Development Program is for those who want to spend the day riding bikes with friends. Where success is measured in how many doughnuts have been burned and consumed in a day, not who crosses the line first.

We all have a bit of the DDP in us - even our Elite Team members - and everyone is welcome on our DDP rides.

The first ride of the year was, of course, the 2019 Pastry-Brest-Pastry gravel ride on March 31st by Pedal & Spoke bike shop in Aurora. Doughnuts were served at all the rest stops, and there was free beer at Two Brothers Roundhouse afterwards.

The next DDP event is The Bear 100 on May 11th, 2019, a minimal support gravel road cycling event through the Nicolet National Forest near Laona, Wisconsin, focusing on self-sufficiency and personal responsibility and featuring 31, 68, and 100-mile options. The team is renting a house one mile from the start of the ride. Teammates, head on over to our team forum for more information about the event.

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Updated April 2019
K. O'Neill