By Emily Laflamme | Jul 19, 2016

Sean Metz, xXx Racing, wins the Cat 1 Illinois State Championship title

xXx Racing-Athletico brought home three state championship jerseys at last weekend's Wintrust Willow Springs Road Race in Willow Springs, IL. Sean Metz finished 6th overall in the Pro/1/2 race, enough to put him in 17th place in the Intellgentsia Cup GC and crown him the 2016 Category 1 Illinois State Road Race Champion. Earlier in the day, after a successful lead out by her teammates, Erika Kondo sprinted to finish 3rd in the W2/3 race and take the Women's Cat 3 Championship jersey. Finally, after an incredible solo breakaway, Andrei Cismas took the top step and the championship jersey in the Junior 15-18 race. Congratulations! The full Intelligentsia Cup schedule can be found here.