By Luke Seemann | Feb 15, 2008

[Rick Dearworth: February 2007 Guy of the Month]For the past year our Men's Development Program has each month recognized a teammate for outstanding performance on and off the bike, whether it's crushing the competition at Superweek or seeing that our Sherman Park Criterium is another success. This year we're pleased to introduce an honorary jersey that this "Guy of the Month" can wear on training rides, a classy, colorful number generously donated by Mission Bay Multisport and expertly appointed by master tailor Mike Kirby. The jersey's first owner is a summerlong fixture at both area velodromes, and he's no stranger to the road, either. Off the bike, Rick Dearworth is a diligent pitchman for XXX Racing-AthletiCo, not only securing many of our fine sponsors but also nurturing them through the season so that the team can give back as much as it receives. Almost as important, he is always generous with the beverages whenever there is a team function that needs refreshment. He is our own personal "Vino." Rick now gets to sign his name to the GotM jersey, and then he'll pass it on to Mr. March, to be announced at our March meeting.