By Kevin O'Neill | Jul 01, 2020

Update on In-Person Team Events

July 1, 2020: We at xXx Racing love racing bikes. We also love group rides. As Chicago moves into Phase 4 of its COVID-19 recovery and the world has started to open up around us, we have given much thought to the subject of in-person events, the risks they entail, and our ability to safely coordinate them.

We have determined our organizing of group rides/events at this time presents an unacceptable risk of participants contracting COVID-19, and we are extending our suspension of all in-person team-organized activities through Labor Day, at which time we will reassess. This sucks. We want to ride with friends too, but our responsibility to our team and the community demands we prioritize your safety above all else. We believe that by doing our part to help Chicago recover and keep our teammates and others safe, we are setting ourselves up to ride together for years to come.

Although the team has chosen to suspend our in-person events, at an individual level, we understand these are personal decisions. We encourage everyone to recognize that their actions can potentially affect anyone they come in contact with and ask everyone to be smart, considerate, and transparent in any independent interactions with each other, which extends to disclosing their level of potential exposure before any interaction, and avoiding “drop-in” group rides of any nature. We are following guidance from the CDC, City of Chicago, and USA Cycling, and we encourage our teammates and friends to do the same.

See the links below for some resources we have found helpful in personal and organizational decision-making.

Love and Bicycles to you all,
xXx Racing-Athletico