By Luke Seemann | Jun 26, 2011

For the second consecutive year, XXX Racing-AthletiCo earned three titles from the state criterium championships, held this weekend in Glencoe, on top of a win from Ken Roy in the Cat 5 race. Racing in the juniors 10-14 field, Nikos Hessert showed grit and guile by single-handedly bridging a one-minute gap to the 15-18 field, where he continued to race aggressively even after securing his championship. In the Cat 3 race, Ryan Fay was a marked man but nonetheless escaped and carried a 30-second advantage for almost the entire race. And in the main event, defending champion Dave Moyer held his own against world-class pros to finish 9th overall and repeat as Cat 1 state champion. In addition, these weren't our only new jerseys of the week: Hessert and Harrison Milne each earned some new laundry by winning their omniums at last weekend's junior state track championships in Northbrook.