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Austin David Venhuizen

Member Since: 2014

Location: I live in Apartment G, which stands for Gangster


I've been a xXx member for the last year, supporting team tactics and otherwise awkwardly flailing about in the P1/2 category. My goals for the year are to start mixing it up in a very serious way (ideally reaching Cat 1 in the next 1.5 years) and joining the pantheon of xXx greats in the annals of history, That, and to prove that fat Chicagoans can climb.

I'm a Northwest Indiana native (and former farmer!) who attended Indiana University through 2013, which is where I was first exposed to our wonderfully self-deprecating sport. I had the great honor of racing in the Little 500 the last three years of my college career, thus solidifying my bike fanaticism and making me an all-around awesome dude.

Stay Classy.

-Addendum: My other, OTHER goal is to make Aaron Baker (and whoever else is emotionally moved by mildly-absurdist writing) cry a single perfect tear after reading my race reports, which will be much more comprehensive through 2015.

Race Reports

View from the back of the Bus: Part 1
Green Mountain Stage Race - Cat 2: Aug 30, 2014

View From the Back of the Bus: Part 2
Green Mountain Stage Race - Cat 2: Aug 31, 2014


Road 2
Track 3

Race Results

 Date Cat Race Result
 May 1, 2016 P/1/2 Lincoln Park Criterium
 May 10, 2015 P/1/2/3 Monsters of the Midway
 May 2, 2015 P/1/2/3 Urbana Grand Prix
 Apr 27, 2015 P/1/2 Joe Martin Stage Race - NRC Overall 41-50 
 Apr 26, 2015 P/1/2 Joe Martin Stage Race - NRC - Stage 3 11 
 Apr 19, 2015 2/3 Menomonee Park 2/3
 Apr 13, 2015 P/1/2/3 Great Dane Velo Club Spring Crit 13 
 Apr 12, 2015 P/1/2/3 Spring Super Criterium 12 
 Apr 5, 2015 P/1/2/3 Lincoln Park Criterium
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